Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I was torn between seeing Audrey or this metaphysician guy that YS has recommended, but she reminded I have to listen with an open heart, cos he is blunt and straight to the point, and I might not like what I hear. Audrey is about healing, and I have been wondering if I need any Karmic healing ... but YP told me in the last gathering, I do not have any karmic issue to deal with in this life. Hmmm, so I adhered to YS' suggestion and tossed a coin and let the angels decide for me, and ok, see the metaphysician.

I was there right on time, and immediately he started charting the numbers of my life! wow, Renee did numerology for me the last time, and she used computer to generate my chart, this guy is doing it manually!! And the charting is different! Now, that's interesting. I didn't realise there are different type of numerology, gosh so much to learn.

As he was drawing MY chart, I was braising myself for all bad things ... oh but no, I was all good. Unbelievable. He said my life will be better as I grow older. Hmmm... older? Haven't several told me I might not have that chance to grow older? Not sure is that good or bad, hmmm.... at least he said I do not have any major downturn in my life, the worst has already gone. Yippeeee! Now that's good news! He went on to tell me about my personality, my temperament, etc.
I am slow and steady, systemic, neat, quick to spot error (that's good! Help in my program debugging!). I am outspoken and direct but could be blunt. Any target I set for myself, I will make sure it is obtainable (no wonder my boss like me so much, cos' I will DEFINITELY deliver my project!).

However, my main problem is Love!! Not an easy person to love, cos I am too career driven!! Well, this is true, that's why my marriage failed. As long as i do not sign the paper, I am fine. That's good! Exactly my intention. He also said my life revolving around children. My work is related to children, even my part time hobby kinda work is related to children, and he suggested that my voluntary work should be dealing with children too. I think I have to work with YS on the stuffs for kids, since hers is centered around children too!!

Then the most important issue - the house. He said the delay is quite inevitable, and there is waiting involved. Sigh .... and the bad news is no matter how hasty I try to expedite the whole event, I will be encountered some form of road block.

All in all, the general scope of things for me is great! so I am pretty much relieved, and I don't have any karmic issue, which is good, but still I am curious about my past lives. Maybe I should listen to YP. She, too, told me there is none to resolve so there is no need to look at them. When she told me I am elemental, does that mean I am simply surrounded by the fairies OR am I one of the fairies!! :P

Maybe I should stop deviating and concentrating on learning the healing of angels and fairies proper!!

Throughout the reading, I have more curiosity on how to do the reading then listening to my own reading!! But is not easy definitely, he has learned this numerology for 20 over years!!!

YS reminded me that the world has shifted to co-creation, so whatever negativity is not fixated, it can be changed. We have to consciously manifest it to be positive. Do not forget co-creation and the power of manifestation. And enlist the angels and heaven to help in your co-creation!!

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