Sunday, September 25, 2011


Downloaded this movie in my phone. It has been there for a while and I refused to watch it on the bus, knowing I will be crying buckets. I was so damn right! Drowsy from my cough mixture, I clicked on this movie to drift me to sleep.... Bad idea sigh ... I couldn't stop watching and I was crying so hard urgh!!!! Swollen eyes tomorrow!!! Ok it is a Sunday I can still recover.

Why I was crying? Well I am a huge softie especially when there are animals involved :p

Friday, September 23, 2011

甜甜私房貓 :)

I found this series on PPTV and my gosh!!! I love it of course!!!! Every episode is only 3 minutes but good enough to love it. Downloaded 40 episodes on my phone so I could watch it on the bus :)

The kitty reminds me of my 不妙 except the tail hahahahha

It really made my day finding this :)


Public Transport

Sold my car for a week now, so far taking public transport has been quite a breeze. Yesterday was the first time it was raining heavily.

Kitty gangs

There are 2 gangs at home. Peanut and Muffin in one, Tammick, 不妙 and 锵锵 in another. The fights are not very fierce but Muffin is usually involved.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picnic @ Botanic Gardens

Prepared egg mayo for the picnic :)

Yesterday was little Kylie's birthday, we had a picnic.

It was a nice and lazy day.

Beside us, there was a group of very cute baby angels from some Ozzie families. They were celebrating birthdays too :)

The weather was nice and sunny until 1, thunder was heard and showers approaching. We packed up and relocated to the nearby shelter before the shower hit us.

It was a bit stuffy but still nice. We continue our picnic there and started to play cards.

The Thams :)

Bomb from Sherry and Ah Bok :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye Orca

Orca is my black car, well was. Thank you for the 7.5 years of companion and mobility. We have gone thru so much together.

Almost lost my baby

Went for a last ride and last car wash before handing over my car to the buyer. I took Bumiao with me intending to go to the beach. But the car wash startled timid little Bumiao, he ran from my lap to somewhere among the wire compartment of the car!!! He refused to come despite my repeating calling. In my panic, I was horrified that he would somehow go into the engine side!! Oh my gosh did I kill him when I was driving!! I stopped by the roadside and keep calling him urging him to at least acknowledge with his meow. He did just once faint one and silence I can't his bell too. Oh no have i killed him!! I kept stretching my hands into the wire and trying to feel my baby. I was terrified I was so in shock I was shaking and crying in the dark of the street. I called upon Angel Michael to help me I feel so lost and devastated. I know I shouldn't but I called Pete. He didn't pick up. After calming myself it daunt on me that he couldn't have gone into the engine compartment there is no way there is a connected hole the air con would have leaked ok he is still in the car. I tried feeling again and I felt his fur!!! Gently inching my way, I slowly pull him OUT!! oh my gosh!!!! Yes!!! My baby is still alive!!!!! I was relieved beyond words. Thank you Archangel Michael thank you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Before I left for work ... Melt ...

锵锵 gave me that poor thing look just before I left for work ....... 

Saturday, September 10, 2011