Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Angel Reading

Met up with Audrey last night. She told me my guardian angel is Julia, Angel of Faithfulness. I was shocked, cos' that name came to me in my writing, and I don't know why :) She has a golden pinkish glow. She is always with me, on my right side! And I always feel a very angelic presence on my right!!!
There is a Shaman seated behind me, not far from me, waiting for me to be ready, the awakening of my healing ability. He is my master in one or more of my past lives, and now he is my spirit guide. Audrey said my energy is always of a young girl, of native American heritage. Always running in the open field, happy and free in the nature. Many of my past lives I was that. And I seem to be running away, running away from something, she said could be responsibilities. I want to be free so I ran. That is the karmic balance I have to resolve in this life. I almost did it again. I was so tempted so many times to drop everything here and run away to a foreign land, and never come back.
I was also a White Witch, a healer that uses natural remedies - crystals, herbs, energies. Audrey said I have to regain my power as a healer again, my master is waiting for my awakening so that he could guide me. I am sensitive to energy, do not let that to waste, that is my life purpose, it has always been my life purpose. Just as I have close connection with the dolphins, for they are natural healer like me.
And it is in my aura that I have the green healing light.
Kuan Yin and Mother Mary are too, my guides. Me being compassionate and loving is the result of their compassion and loving energy, very strongly resonating behind me.
Audrey said my heart is very heavy with worries, she can see I am trying very hard to open my heart to love, but too much worries.

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