Friday, June 15, 2007

He said I am the one ....

I wish and I hope I am really that right girl for him :)
But if I am, why can't I dissolve the fear in him?
Jacky said (or rather sang) "愛一個人不容易", it is so true.
Last night, Father said when a woman loves, she loves with all her heart, everything.
I couldn't agree more to that.
Last night's class was about the marriage sacrament. I almost wanted to walk out of the class. Thinking to myself, I should have gone home and rest instead. This is one sacrament I do not intend to take anyway. I remember the vow I have made, even though I do not love him but I had intended to honour my vows but .... no no, I didn't fail. I kept my words and did my duties, he failed me but hey it is ok. I don't mind it ended the way it had. At least, I have a second chance :) I am free again. Afterall, I did have a wish, and I wish he would commit adultery so that I could get out of this wedlock. And my wish is granted. So, I have no complaint :) Even though I am alone and will be alone but it is ok, at least I am happy to be me again. At least, I have a chance to find my Dear :)

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