Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Not very long ago, I first exposed my buddy to the angel cards and tarot cards. Now, he has progressed to be able give reading himself :)

Last night, I did my first extensive reading with him. I was amazed by how far he has come :) I asked about the job which I have gone for the interview quite sometimes back and about my soulmate/twinframe. I am looking forward to meeting him finally.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kitties to the rescue lol

A little girl sat beside me on the bus, she was getting a little restless, i opened up my photo gallery and started to flip my album full of kitties pictures. Carefully facing my phone in her direction, she noticed it :) and quietened down and looking at the pictures as I slowly flipping through the album :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hahahaha ....

Sometimes I wish there is a permanent video cam fixated at QiangQiang and Bumiao. The stunts they pulled sometimes were so hilarious, I couldn't help laughing, I wish I could them to the world. They bring so much joy and I love them so much. I didn't forget Peanut, Muffin and Tammick, I love them too :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

My babies :)

Blessed :)

Waking up seeing them next to me is an awesome delight and bring upon a smile on my sleepy face :)

Finally .......

Finally I got rid of the white bookshelves outside my flat. It has been there for a year!! At first I thought I want to put some plants on it but I didn't buy any pots of plants for the longest time :p oh well, discard discard .........

And, I have finally cleaned the netting on my front windows!!! For the very first time since I first put it up 2 years ago!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shoulder to lean on

A couple sitting opposite me on the bus. They are holding hands and the girl is leaning on the boy's shoulder dozing off. The boy gently places his hand on her forehead so that her head stays in place. I do not know what to feel witnessing this scene. She is indeed in good hand, envy her that she has a shoulder to lean on. Where is that shoulder for me? T-T

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Serene rest in peace

Yesterday, received a shocking message on my phone from my sis. Serene, her close friend, has passed away. She was only 38. Her battle with cancer has come to a halt. :(

"recently seems to have many passing on... maybe the universe already starts clearing for the shift..." indeed sigh sad but at least their pains have ended.

SPS Leg 2 @ ECP

This year DD took a break from SPS. I am at the event nonetheless to help out in the booth for Bunkerz, in support of our fellow paintball bro Danny's business :)

Leg 1 I was helping out too, I was a crew for Team Fortitude.

Friday, October 07, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs T-T

My condolences to Steve's family.

Like many PC users, we loathe Mac.  Well, that was me before. But there is something about Mac that is very seductive, but to me, it is a designer thing, and since it is a designer thing, they are ok to be that pretty. So, yeah Mac is the pretty dumb thing, until finally, I started using Mac myself. I realised how wrong I was!!  This sleek little machine is not just a pretty dumb thing, it is powerful and sleek at the same time.  It was awesome!!  On Day 1, me working on Mac, I have to orient myself with the very basic navigation, and after that it was plain awesome-ness!! I love my Mac, and I haven't touched my PC for a long long time. 

Thank you Steve, may you rest in peace. 
You have impacted the world beyond words.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Mummy with kitties :)

Mom loves it whenever I bring the kitties. Before 锵锵's arrival I only brought不妙 cos he is the only I can carry and only one who loves to be carried.

After I sold the car, I managed to just bring the little one, I could hide him in my bag so taking a bus is no problem :). Then I found my op bag and 不妙 could fit into that bag!! So 不妙 in my op bag and 锵锵 in my camo sling bag and up the bus we go. Kinda worried that 不妙 will meow in the bus, but he didn't :) they were such good boys.