Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cleanse my Chakra in the park

I went to the park this morning again. Longing to feel his presence among the trees and the flowers. Am I odd? But at least I found a peaceful spot that I like, and I was meditating there. With the help of Dr Doreen Virtue's Chakra Cleansing Audio track, I cleanse mine. Finally, I have done this in the midst of the nature and under the sun. Felt refreshing and connected after that :)
But the ever-present cat was missing this morning.

My peaceful morning was interrupted, again, by wedding party!!
They like to take picture in this park and they always choose to come to my spot!! Sigh.
Ah ... the cat appeared and I stayed there as long as I could playing with the cat, until the party has made it quite clear, that they would prefer me to leave my bench. I left .... I walk to sat under the tree, nearer to the pond. It was shady and windy, feel nice and I resumed to my writing, seemed to have tons to write this morning. Then, came a group of uncles, with their toys. Remote-controlled speed boats!! They were circling their speedboats in the ponds, creating large ripple effect in the water, hence destroyed the tranquility.

He called me while I was sitting under the tree :) How I wish I could share my time at the park with him. But I know I have to make my exit before his entrance ...

I walked around the park abit and sat down on another spot, writing away and I saw an eagle!!
A small one but that excited me cos i love eagles!!

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