Monday, June 11, 2007

Kheng ....

Finally, got to talk to Kheng. A long long "talk", over yahoo.
Better than not talking at all. The last time I went to see her and Little Faith was 2 months ago. And we couldn't really talk cos' Faith was having all my attention!! She is such a sweet little girl. I can really see Kheng in her!!

Remembering the time we studied at the airport, and back at her school, St. Nicholas.
We were so close then. We talked just about anything. Now, she is a full time mom! Given up her highly paid job to become a full time mom!! The best thing is she has no regret which is great!

Looking at her and Bobby so happy now, I am glad she didn't listen to my advice to think twice about loving a man so much older. They have an angel, Faith, and another coming. They have come a long way, and they deserved to have such blissful union.

As we talked about the past, she started to probe about my failed marriage and for the first time, she learned about my depression, my inability to love a man, my attempted suicides. I didn't want to tell her then, cos' she seemed to have so much to deal with. So like I always do, I swallowed everything. Well, it is like now too. I was listening when she told me about her morning sickness, about little Faith in school, etc. I didn't expect her to turn around and asked about me. Usually she doesn't have a chance to, either Faith wakes up and need her attention or she is feeling tired. It is a rare occasion, we talked for more than an hour.
When she told me I will find someone I could love one day, I was speechless. I wanted to tell her I have but I can't. She will freak out if I tell her I have fallen in love with a guy I have yet to meet. I don't want to be challenged with verification again. I will let Time works this out for me. There is nothing much I could do anyway. It is beyond me.

I will be planning for a day out with Faith, and it will be at the zoo!! Since her parents are not animals lovers and going to the zoo is such a chore, I will bring Faith! I remember some time back, Nick mentioned we could bring her out one day :) it would be nice if that really happen but ...

First stop zoo, next we'll go Undersea World :)
Faith, I hope you are as excited as Auntie Nancy hahahhahaahahahah

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