Saturday, June 02, 2007

I miss him so ...

This morning I didn't join my mother in the park for exercise. My head hurt, maybe still tired from the flight. Woke up with receiving his morning call was great! It would be better if I could wake up right next to him.

After the brief conversation with my dearest (very brief :( ), i decided to go to the park where he does his running. I know I will be able to feel closer to him by just being there in the same park. Sending my love to him, through the fairies and angels in the park. :) I have missed him already!! and it was just less than an hour ago that I spoke to him!!

I sat at my usual bench, and talking to the ever-present cat who was sleeping under the bench. He responded to my meowing, and I could hear him purred :) But my blissful morning was interrupted by a group of happy friends and a couple in their wedding gowns. They wanted my spot, so I left. I walked to the pond side and sat on the stone and talk to the sprites of the water. Hmmmmm.... feel so lovely to communicate to the fairies and sprites again :) I hope they can hear me, I am still struggling to hear them. I know I know, I am not in a relax enough state to hear them, but I do wish to hear them so badly. I need to feel the presences with the angels and fairies again. Please do not elude me.

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