Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hair for Hope 2011

Finally I have decided to forgo my locks and shaved bald for the kids.  Yes, I have done it after contemplating for 3-4 years.  This year the event was held at Vivo City.

I was not crying because of my missing hair but I was so touched to see my friends there to support me :)  I was smiling when the guy shaved off my hair.  Oh, and I kept my hair for Lock for Love, to weave it into a wig for the cancer children :)

This is Vincent's second attempt,  and Hui Guang's first.  ChuanYe met us there to give us 3 moral support and he said he will do it next year :)

Kheng and Bobby were there with the girls, and she posted this before and after picture, she is so supportive, she posted about this on FB to raise awareness and calling for support for me. Thanks Kheng :)

Jean and Ray were there too :) with Jean's parents and the Thams were there!!

Thank you my friends :) for ya support :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another kitten found abandoned :(

Pete texted me a picture of an abandoned kitten that was so frail and dirty.  He was so tiny and weak.  I couldn't ignore it so I brought him home.  He was so weak, he slept through the entire journey home, I fear that he might not make it, I touched his little body, and was relieved to feel the subtle intake of breathes.

After cleaning him up (he was very dirty!!), he was drowning the food!! Poor thing, I wondered when was the last feed he has :(

After he has filled his little tummy, he went back to sleep. I placed the carrier next to my bed.
His meow was so frail, I could barely hear him.
The other cats in the house were curious and hostile over this new comer. :(
不妙 was staring at the kitten, and hissing at him. He was so jealous.

Found another kitten!

Found an abandoned kitten, too weak to move and even meow. After 2 days of food and love, he is active again :)