Time stood still as they locked their eyes from a distance.

Emotions welled up in her and tears were threatening to escape from her eyes.
Without a word, she looked away and turned around, walked in the opposite direction.

"I ... want to love you but I can't. Sorry........"
He watched her walking away from him. He wished, he really wished he could run to her and embrace her for eternity. He wished it so badly.  All he could do for now was standing there, watching her fade into the crowded.

She walked away not because she no longer love him but she knew him too well. He will not do anything. Too many years wasted, waiting for him to act, but he still had not found his courage to do anything. She walked away, not daring to hope that he had found courage. 

He loved her, from afar, always.
The courage to love anyone more than from a distance, cease to exist a long time ago.

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