Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dive #7 - NIGHT DIVE

oh my gosh!!! this was so exciting!! diving at night!! Armed with a torch, and we were to go!
But first, before we dived anywhere, Ee Tze (our advanced instructor), wants to do a reciporal compass navigation in the dark waters!!!
While waiting for the rest to do the navigation, we covered the lights and waved frantically in the water, and the phatom started to illuminate themselves around us, so beautiful!!! It was like you were surrounding by glistening stars!!! WOW!!!
We dived around the waters with our torches and searching for the wonderful beings, what a thrill!!! hahahahaha
And Ee Tze found a Moray Eel guiding his hole!! I saw this on TV!! And now I was it with my own eyes, LIVE!!!!
The sea was silent and dark, empty darkness? But you and I all know that it is definitely not empty. In this VAST waters, there are so many creatures unknown to us.
4 dives today!!! wow cool!! and there was a BBQ waiting for us at the shore. This was our last night at the island, the fun and excitement coming to an end soon. It has had been fun knowing all this great people!!
We played charade till past midnight then reluctantly went to bed as we still have 2 more morning dives before we leave Aur.

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