Friday, April 14, 2006

Dive #3

The sleep did me GOOD!! I was able to enjoy this dive so much better!! And having already performed all the skills necessary for the day, this dive was a leisure one!! Ahhh nice ....... with a more relaxing frame of mind, I was able to control my bouyancy so much better!!! YES!!!
We saw so many fishes that I dont even what they are!! How I wish I have a camera to capture what I see!! Hmm, I will get that camera next trip!!!!!
Oh I saw a small school of baracudas!!! the young ones, so quite safe!! If it was a single adult hunting mode one, would be scary!! kekekeke
I remember our salt water tank in our old office, and it's like I was swimming in this gigantic fish tank looking for these fishes!!! hahahaha so amazing!!!
3 dives in a day!! wow!!! it was amazing and also very tiring!! when we went back to the island, we were dead tired but excited kekekekekeke

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