Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dive #8 - Deep Dive

Before the deep dive, I double checked the equalisation technique again as yesteday I seemed to have more ear block than usual. And it turned out, I really have done it wrong!!! no wonder I felt pain lah!!
Lucky i checked if not i dont think I could go deep!! hahaha
In order to check if we were high on nitrogen in deeper depth, we were to answer some questions in the depth of about 25m!!! to make sure we were still sane and logical hahahaha
So, we descended to the sea bed and kneeled there and took our turns to answer 2 questions, one to write our name in reverse, and the other a MATH question!! Imagining doing a long multiplication underwater!!!
Maybe I did blur a bit cos I did my maths wrong! hahhahahaa
We didnt stay at 25 m for very long, we dived about 18-20 m most of the time, looking around for treasure hahahahaha and i saw a long squid then just hovered there quietly quietly not stirring any attention but i saw it!!! IT WAS A SQUID ABOUT 1 METRE LONG!!! my gosh!!!!
This morning we were all overslept, no time to eat breakfast, change and go :P

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