Friday, April 14, 2006

Dive #2

My gosh!! I simply dont understand how can we be going out to the boat right after lunch!!! In view of that, I have eaten very little so as to minimise any possibility of me puking in the boat!!!
To me, the most terrifying time was when we were getting ready our equipment for dive, i think it was called "Rig Out". Terrifying not because I have to figure what goes where, etc, that was absolutely not an issue with me. The terror however, was the motion sickness!!! cos you have to look inside the boat to fix up the stuffs, instead of looking far out at the horizon!!
For this dive, no more holding of the vertical line to go down the water, the line was still there for as a visual guide, we were to control our bouyancy to descend. First time - success!!! Cool!! Now we finned, trying to maintain a horizontal posture so that we dont swim like a sea-horse hahahahaha.
It was so so cool to be in the midst of the undersea world!! There was a tranquailty that no words can describe!!!
And then, there was danger!!! no no, we didnt see any sharks but a trigger fish who was in heat, so was super protective over his terroritory, so will bite!! It was a big fish, so the bite can be a big chunk of you!!! So dont play play!!! We encountered one, who came so close to Alicia, luckily she was good and managed to back off right on time, and we upon seeing that retreated to a safety distance!!!
We FOUND SO MANY NEMOS hahahahahaha, they were so so cute, DORYs too, lots of them!! Oh and a buffer fish!!!
Towards the end of the dive, I started to ascend prematurely due to my excitement, I breathed too rapidly causing me to float up!!! And after that trying to descend was almost impossible as my breathing pattern changed AAHHHHHHHH. Alicia had to literately pull me down into the waters!! :P
I was so sea sick after this 2nd dive, I have to sleep, else I dont think I could make the 3rd dive about an hour later!!!!!

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