Friday, April 14, 2006

Dive #1 - First Open Water Dive!!

My very FIRST Open Sea Dive at Pulau Aur!!! So very very excited and obviously very very nervious too!! MAIN CONCERN prior the dive was DO I REMEMBER ANYTHING AT ALL FROM MY POOL DIVE??
As I signed up for this trip on my own, I was without any diving buddy, which was ok cos' my instructor, Alicia, will be my buddy!!! Felt safe hahahahaha but no good cos' I was then the first to go down the water!!! AAHHHHH....
There was a vertical descend line to aid our descend (first time mah, need the rope to go down the water :P).
At about 5 metre depth, there was a hortizontal line for us to hold on while waiting for the rest of the class of 7 to descend to the sea floor.
Nervous but excited :D, breathing slowly and deeply and trying my damnest not to get too excited!!
Then the most scary part came, we have to perform the skills we have learned in the pool now!! in the sea!!
What so scary? you might ask... well if you have to remove your mask in the salt water and attempt to wear it back, see if that scare you. You also have to purposely fling away your breathing apparratus and then to retrieve it back!!

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