Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another kitten found abandoned :(

Pete texted me a picture of an abandoned kitten that was so frail and dirty.  He was so tiny and weak.  I couldn't ignore it so I brought him home.  He was so weak, he slept through the entire journey home, I fear that he might not make it, I touched his little body, and was relieved to feel the subtle intake of breathes.

After cleaning him up (he was very dirty!!), he was drowning the food!! Poor thing, I wondered when was the last feed he has :(

After he has filled his little tummy, he went back to sleep. I placed the carrier next to my bed.
His meow was so frail, I could barely hear him.
The other cats in the house were curious and hostile over this new comer. :(
不妙 was staring at the kitten, and hissing at him. He was so jealous.

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