Saturday, August 05, 2006

what is the greatest love story in my heart?

what is the greatest love story in my heart?
There are so many love stories that I would love to be the heroine, I wish, I yearn and I yearn …..
But in the love stories that I have read, the heroines are tall, slender and beautiful and young of course! I am neither … still I dream that one day I would be swept away by love … one day …

Betrayed, disappointed, hurt … that was my emotions when I left the house that I have loved and stayed for 5 years, leaving behind a family that loved me dearly and a dog that adored me. But I could not bring myself to stay there with a man who has so cruelly slashed my heart into pieces. I could not; it was too much to bear.

I have come to seek refuge with my couple friends, occupying a room in their new dwelling. A refuge I choose to hide away from the world. For a while, it was good, I pretend that I was carefree and over the issues. I was moving on, but the sad truth … I was not ready, the hurt was too deep. I began to immerse in work and activities, and drinking. I just want to let the time pass and ignore whatever, be alive yet not live …

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