Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 1!!!!

Today is flight day!! Finally this day has arrived! have been waiting forever for today to come hahahahaha
I was so excited that sleeping is quite impossible. too much excitement hahahaha besides i am worried that i might overslept :P
I am in Changi Airport now, waiting for my flight to KL, typing away at the free internet kiosk kekekeke
why to KL? well, cos i am flying by MAS. It is the cheapest air ticket I could find without GV2 hahaha, anyway flew by MAS several times to Japan, were nice, except for the transit at KL, quite boring but bearable.
The flight is 0650 and I arrived at 0400, well ... almost 3 hours before departure hahahaha i know, it's quite kiasu, but SQ always encouraged 3 hours prior to flight for checkin too! guess i was used to it :P
The checkin counters for MAS were not even ready till 0445! hahahaha then i finally completed my checkin at 0453, the departure gate was not even opened till 0500! hahahahaha.... My backpack is 8.3 kg!! and my hand luggage is 3.8 kg!! my poor shoulders!
There are quite a number of people already in the departure area, most of them sleeping on the floor, guess these are the transits passengers. Most of the shops are not opened as well, but thankfully the food stalls are opened! I could get some quick bite before i fainted hahahahaaha
Now, typing away again in the internet kiosk in the boarding area kekeke nice idea to have free internet! at least i could kill some time while waiting otherwise i will be bored to death LITERALLY hhahahahahahaha
I am sure to knock out later on flight! the zzz monsters are attacking
I have about an hour waiting time in KL before the flight to brisbane, hmm wonder if there are any free internet kiosk in KL ... hopefully there is, who cares about shopping in KL, i want to shop in australia!! Billabong here i come!

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