Friday, October 07, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs T-T

My condolences to Steve's family.

Like many PC users, we loathe Mac.  Well, that was me before. But there is something about Mac that is very seductive, but to me, it is a designer thing, and since it is a designer thing, they are ok to be that pretty. So, yeah Mac is the pretty dumb thing, until finally, I started using Mac myself. I realised how wrong I was!!  This sleek little machine is not just a pretty dumb thing, it is powerful and sleek at the same time.  It was awesome!!  On Day 1, me working on Mac, I have to orient myself with the very basic navigation, and after that it was plain awesome-ness!! I love my Mac, and I haven't touched my PC for a long long time. 

Thank you Steve, may you rest in peace. 
You have impacted the world beyond words.

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