Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey Blogger!! How'ya doing?

With the introduction of friendster, then now Facebook, what happened to blogger?
I know they are different, but ain't they similar, in the fact that, all of them are tools to express ourselves.
Seriously, I missed the days of writing.  Used to feel so much, and would write pages and pages of after thoughts, what have happened to those days?  Have I lost my emotion? or just plain lazy?
Hahahaa.. kinda mixture of both I guess.  Sigh.  

I choose not to post every single thoughts on FB status, that would be too overwhelming for the friends, as they will be receiving updates, kinda like imposing on them too. And sometimes, some things are just too private to share with the world.  Is not that my blog is private, but unless someone follow it, or someone chanced upon, it will be left rather unnoticed. Who would be so insane to follow my blog anyway.

Yes, it is good to found you, my long lost friend :)
I shall try my best to stay this way remembering you and talking to you :)

Just for my own record, the last entry posted before I have found blogger today was "June 28 2007 - My 2 beautiful cats for 2 weeks", when I was babysitting Minako's 2 cats!!

I will be adding in posts from the past ... from June 28 2007 .... it is like updating bits of my life history ....

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