Monday, August 16, 2010

Muffin the Escape Artist!

I lost Muffin for a day.  She sneaked out of a hole on the window, and sneaked out of the house. I was devastated losing her, I printed posters pasted on the walls downstairs, urging my neigbours to contact me if anyone see her. My door was left open, hoping to see her coming home, but nothing ....
At midnight, I finally gave up and close the door, dragging my listless body to shower.
When I was brushing my teeth, Peanut suddenly rushed to door. 
What is it??!! I don't hear anything.
I opened the door, there she was.  Sitting outside the gate, waiting to be let in. 
Oh my gosh! My baby is HOME!!!

This video was taken when she attempted to sneak out again.
Naughty girl!

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